Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to paint clerical robes...what was I thinking?

On the radio today. Catch me at noon west coast time on The Lyn Fairly and Friends Show

Top image is a portrait commission just about to leave my easel. A reverend from the mid-1800s for a church collection. My second reverend for this collection. I wanted a back light on my sitter. A candlelight kinda feel. That I made up from my head.

The photo reference was minimal for this posthumous portrait. Only one ever-so grainy photo of an old 'head' portrait done of this reverend - and not a good one at that. No clothing I could count on.

So how did I do the vestments? Research. Always do your homework. I looked up other clerical portraits from the time for feel and style. Then I posed some cloth on a dress form in my studio under a light and the rest is history.

I wanted a contemporary color harmony tho' as I feel it important to paint in your own time period even if you are painting someone from a long time ago.

Hope you like.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Paint Eye Wear...What was I thinking?

I seem to be painting a lot of eye wear recently. So, how to paint eye glasses? Leave them to the very end of session and get in and out faster than a bank robbery leaving just a few notes of paint.

Then it's money in the bank!

My teaching class in now back in session, Wednesday mornings, at The California Art Institute, Westlake Village, Ca. Join me for each First Friday of the month 'in studio' painting day.

Email me for details

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Man About Town...Face of Ventura

Meet Mark Hartley, my latest sitter for my The Face of Ventura project being kindly featured in each edition of The Ventura Breeze.

Mark is a pretty amazing man and I knew I wanted to paint him for my series very much. He takes credit for much of the great renovation that has happened in downtown Ventura, taking old buildings and restoring them to their former glory. If you haven't been to his restaurant The Watermark you are missing out, not just on fine-dining, but the exquisite building containing the restaurant. It has to be seen to be believed. On top of all of this restoration, Mark is a big-wig music industry mogul. A man about town!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anatomy of a Portrait Demo...What Was I Thinking?

Demo's End, One Hour Twenty Minutes.
Glad I brushed my hair.
Focus, focus. Paint your training.

Get the big shapes in of light and shadow. Draw well!
Forget those cookies on the coffee table. Make use of the breaks! Time is short.
Engage with those beautiful blue eyes. Feel it.
Gratitude For The Journey, a lovely sitter, and my mentor Mr. Everett Raymond Kinstler!

To paint a demo in an hour and twenty minutes with a sitter picked from the crowd that you have never met before, me talking all the way, answering the artist audience's questions, with lights, camera, action blaring, and a microphone that is playing up, what was I thinking?

Well, you tell me?

Thanks to my friends at The SFVAC for the gracious invite to show my approach. It was a fun evening.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do or Dare?...Portrait Demo Tonight.

Sink or swim? Join me tonight at the San Fernando Valley Art Club where I will be doing a public portrait demo. One hour and twenty minutes to paint a sitter chosen from the crowd. Should be fun!!!

This sketch is a demo I did in my recent class at The California Art Institute. NEW SEMESTER NOW ENROLLING. Email me for details.

Enjoying painting on a somewhat distressed board I prep. myself. The paint gets sucked in like ink on blotting paper. It takes several rounds to make it work.

Should I leave those boards home tonight? Play it safe? Do or dare?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Face of Ventura ...What was I thinking...

I was honored to paint all around great person Josh Addison for my Face of Ventura series. So what was I thinking?

I had better not mess this up! He is the guy who founded The Bell Arts Factory that I rent my studio. Not a good day to hit a bum note with drawing and a likeness.

I think I did ok. I sure had fun with him. Thank you Josh.