Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thank you Malibu!

Thank you Malibu. 

What a night!

I felt the hometown love. 

Read about the opening of my "Face of Malibu" show reception here:

Thank you to all the sitters, The Malibu Times and The Malibu Cultural Arts Commission for sponsoring this show running until Jan. 12th 2018 at Malibu City Hall.

Thank you also to  Richard Chesterfield of Monrose Catering for the incredible food.

And of course everyone who attended. A night I will never forget.

Thank you to MT photographer Julie Ellerton and Malibu Surfside news photographer Dave Teel for the pictures here. 
A Night to Remember
The Face of Malibu Opens
67 portraits of mine on display. 

Ventura Artist Mark Tovar Stands Near His Portrait

A Full House
With Show Curator Alan Roderick-Jones. Thank you Alan.

With Cantor Marcelo Gindlin
The Faces!
Speech tine.

Standing Room Only.

Lovely Marie Stapel with her son Kurt. We miss you Marie.

Talking the Talk.
Richard Chesterfield, one of the sitters, and the owner of Monrose Catering who did a spectacular job catering the event.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Malibu Local Painting Locals!

You are invited to my "Face of Malibu" Opening Reception with The Malibu Times sponsored by The Malibu Cultural Arts Commission. A local artist painting locals as only a local can. Sixty life sketches will be on display along with some more finished portraits. See you there?

Thank you to all the sitters, The Malibu Times and The Malibu Cultural Art Commission

The Face of Malibu By Johanna Spinks

Featured in The Malibu Times this week. Read article: