Thursday, January 27, 2011

SECOND KISS! Toni Czechorosky

I was lucky enough this week to have a second kiss! In life, one can never count on that. And when it is good, ahhh....then more kisses shall surely follow. Right?

Toni Czechorosky came back for a second sitting in my teaching class. Toni is a super soul and gorgeous. I have always felt we had a connection. I have painted her often, although not as well as I would have liked.

She speaks it as it is around the art day, art life, as do I. We are both a bit zanny. We are both nurturing of each other around the art day that we found ourselves in . I can count on Toni for that. The bathroom breaks are priceless. And socially, if we find ourselves at the same gathering, it is so lovely. WE just kinda know our groove.

I feel bad when I don't paint her well, even though she doesn't mind at all. AND has only gracious words to say around a bomb. That is the kinda gal she is. Classy. Not to mention, bringing in cookies to enhance the art mood.

TONI has been painted by every well known artist in Los Angeles and then some, over quite a few years. I asked her the other day: "How many paintings/sketches do you think have been done of you?" She did that cute up-curl of her lip, raise of her ever-so arched brow, and said in the most honest, humble way, that she had no idea.

WOW. Darlings...I wish I could be so modest in her shoes.

I decided to paint her again from the exact same spot, on a much smaller panel, choosing not to go further with the study the week before, trying to get, fresh from life, what I thought was lacking previously to my own art eye. Daring around a teaching class. Telling your students, I need a second kiss. The first didn't quite work out. Bad breath.

This was about an hour or so of painting. I felt in THE ZONE, around a teaching a class. I like what I got. Dare I go for a third kiss?