Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to paint eyes?

How to paint eyes? Well, what do I know. But funny how our art 'eye' sees things differently give it a day or two off. This was my class demo from CAI last week which I wasn't that keen on when I did it. But today, after a refreshing weekend, I think I caught something in the model's/eye mood that day. She wasn't having the best day and was reflective about life. I knew that.

They say the eyes 'have it', are the windows to the soul. For me, during this painting session all I can say is that I paid a lot of attention to the left eye but said nothing in the right one. I also let a lot of EDGES go, something my students have the hardest 'linear' time with around the eyes. I had fun with the colors in said focused eye, losing edges and pushing brushwork.

A bore says it all, don't you think? Hope I wasn't that...


Marian Fortunati said...

And my dear you've NEVER been a bore!!!

Glad the class is still going well. I'll bet everyone is learning a lot and having a great time!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks Marian...I sure miss the good old days and YOU