Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting from life...

This week's 'Face of Ventura' sitter is Mr. Doug Halter. He is the most marvelous landscape designer, very well known in the old mission town of Ventura where I am doing this crazy art project to paint 55 sitters from life to reflect its' modern day appearance, quite dashing,  and we talked about so much during this ever so short two hour sitting.

Thanks to The Ventura Breeze for featuring my project each edition and The Lyn Fairly and Friends Radio Show. And of course Mr. Halter.

Mark your calendar. 'The Face of Ventura By Johanna Spinks' at The Ventura County Museum Sunday August 26h.


Katherine Thomas said...

What a great project! Painting all those portraits from life! You are already such a strong portrait artist, but I can only imagine how skilled you will be after 55 portraits! I applaud your dedication, and I admire your artwork!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks Katherine...the skill question is complicated. One is putting two hour head sketches from life out there and these are not 'models' but real people...I don't think they show my skill level. But keep watching. I am moving this project to another town.