Saturday, May 12, 2012


It is not every week you get to paint two marvelous world famous talents from life. This week I painted Kevin Costner who needs no introduction and soprano singer Nicole Cabell who The London Times described as having a voice like liquid gold.

Both stars graciously were sitting for my FACE of VENTURA project which will be at The Ventura County Museum August 26th.

Both were sittings completed in under two hours on location which is never without challenges away from the comfort of your own studio and props.. Both talents inspired me and make me appreciate so much what I do and the gifts my mentor Everett Raymond Kinstler has taught me. And yes, Kevin Costner really is as handsome in person - not to mention very pleasant along with his lovely family and wife Christine.

Thank you to all three. I am full of gratitude.

Look for Kevin Costner's new production:

Look for Ms. Cabell's appearances around the world

Look at Mr. Kinstler's site.


Roseanne said...

You never disappoint! I am sure he was just as delighted to be painted by you as you were painting him!! Did you travel to Aspen? Lucky you!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you was a thrill to paint him.