Monday, August 13, 2012

How to put the finishing touches on a portrait...

After a few days rest from my sketch, I was not happy with it. It needed some finishing touches. A sharpening here and there, most of all some stronger drawing.

I decided to be bold. Here's how I tweaked it...

Sharpened the jaw line up to the ear and the underplane of said jaw.

Sharpened the glow on the forehead.

Sharpened the shape of the forehead meeting the hairline.

Strengthened the shadow side of the nose. Her beautiful aqualine nose so important to who she is...

Placed the ear slightly more back

Placed some lovely darks in those deep eye sockets with a swirl of the brush leaving the stroke to show...that sealed the deal for me!

Added more hair to the back of the head...more viridian highlights...

Added some more sizzle to the fabric, pinks and greens, with a palette knife.

I think I am happy now.

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