Wednesday, February 13, 2013


"Feel The Love Reception"
Face of Ventura Sitter Mr. Howard Boroughs and I feel the love.

Thanks to everyone who came to my "Feel The Love" show in Ventura, CA. It was a fantastic turnout with some nice sales from the 100 or so paintings and sketches of mine on display. This is my favorite picture from the reception, myself with Mr. Howard Boroughs, a former biochemist and sweetheart of the first order.

Read his life story here:

Mr. Boroughs turns 100 this year.  My portrait of him will be included in the Museum of Ventura County's 100 year Anniversary Birthday show, opening March 23,  which I am tickled Valentine pink about. Mr. Boroughs IS Ventura. He has done so much for the town. I just adore him.

So my feelings after this show? They are a lot of work. This is my second big show in five months. Working that mailing list, getting people in the reception room, mailing out invites, phoning, editing paintings to hang, delivering them,  framing them,  worrying that no-one will show up...ahhh, must be nice to be a big New York artist with none of these issues. And I do know a few who seem to  just breeze into their shows and out.

I am also so lucky my last two shows to have had the support of FOOD Share and The Ventura Breeze newspaper. I also had this current show hosted by Crowell, Weedon & Co., who did a lot of the work for me putting on a lovely reception and, yes, hanging the show. Thank you. But the pressure of a solo show is on the artist's solo shoulders at the end of the day.  A flat reception won't make you look good.

I also learned a lot about myself as an artist, over the last five months. What work I was proud to stand by. What work generated the most excitement from viewers and generated actual sales. How lovely it is to feel warmth from visitors toward your art. To hear them ooohhhing and ahhhing. That is music to my heart.

I won't be having a big show again for a while. I need to get on with a new collection of work inspired by the last two shows. That is the greatest Valentine gift I can give to myself.

Thank you everyone. I felt your love.

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