Friday, March 29, 2013

Museum of Ventura County, now home for my FACES!

The Face of Ventura
By Johanna Spinks
Permanent Collection, the Museum of Ventura County.

I am thrilled to be able to announce today the Museum of Ventura County is now to be the permanent home to my "Face of Ventura"art project - 58 portraits of 58 extraordinary folk living and working in the wonderful town of Ventura, CA, USA.

All portraits were done in a single life sitting, no photos used, over a two year period. Each sitter's sketch and life story appeared in each edition of The Ventura Breeze thanks to publisher Sheldon Brown. Each sitter also then appeared on the Lyn Fairly and Friends Radio Show.

Thanks to EVERYONE  in the town of Ventura who made this art project so special.  Check out the You Tube from the show reception.

To read about each of the 58 sitters' unique life story please visit The Face of Ventura website:

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