Monday, February 24, 2014

Ocean Frenzy - How to Paint Waves?


30 x 15
Commissioned Boat Portrait

Real time studio view

Waves are I believe one of the hardest things to paint. My mentor Everett Raymond Kinstler,  N.A., painter of seven American presidents, told me so once. He should know. I think hands come second. My students have a terrible time with them. I also have to keep myself constantly in check around painting hands. Roses come third. Students go into a complete tizzy around white roses especially.  I sometimes do too! So the key?  It is always about the structure. Study the structure of a wave. Study the structure of a hand. Study the structure of a rose. I continue to do all three. And, truth be told, there are no short cuts. YOU CAN PAINT ALL THREE WELL WITH HOMEWORK. 

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