Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Sketchy LIfe - Sketchbook Closeups

I don't often post details from my sketch book as I feel it's a bit too personal. Like visitors at your house going through your drawers when you're not looking.

But I'm feeling brave today so here goes. These sketches are watercolor with pen but I use other techniques too, like gouache with watercolor on a toned sketch paper.

I consider my sketch books like keeping a journal of my life. The books are also filled with notes of things that were going on at the time, as the books were  in my purse usually and useful for noting things quickly.

My daughter once said my sketchbooks are what she wants after I leave this planet, not my paintings. I took it as a compliment. Hope you enjoy.

"Rush Hour - Carnival Cruise" NFS

"Well Heeled - W Hotel, Los Angeles" NFS

"Old Boys' Club, New Boys' Club" NFS

"Purple Vinyl - W Hotel" NFS

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