Monday, October 6, 2014

Inspiration...A Special Story

I was so inspired today by my journalist daughter Rosie Spinks who spent five months in South Africa, working on a story, seeing it  published via GOOD on a very delicate subject.

I decided to feel inspired myself and knew I wanted to paint with a palette knife this afternoon and do a portrait of Rosie Spinks so that is exactly what I did.

Not a bad day's efforts. I like what I got even though it took me way less time than my daughter's well researched article, five months in the making, living in South Africa to find her story.

When inspiration comes, you fly with it, right?

Palette knife portrait, "The Embroidered Top", 9 x 12",  by Johanna Spinks

Palette knife portrait,  in progress, close-up
Palette knife strokes, close up


Sally Shisler said...

Hi Johanna! It's Sally Shisler -- fellow palette knife painter. Thank you so much for your recent comment on one of my paintings. I am so happy to find you online as well and wanted to tell you how wonderful your work is!! I will definitely be following you, looking for inspiration and camaraderie. I'm extremely envious of the time you've been able to spend learning from Jeremy Lipking. Being on the opposite side of the country in Florida, there's not much chance I'll be able to learn from him any time soon : ) Be well!

johanna spinks said...

Thank you Sally for gracious words about my artwork I love your work too. Hope to get to meet you one day.