Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In Remembrance of Glen Orbik

I am shameless in my enjoyment seeking to paint bright sunshine filled days, filled with color and happiness and some of my lovely friends who sit for me.  The joy of being alive. I am excited to wake up today and start such a new painting along with the portrait commissions I am working on.

I am also grateful to have another day with my art as this week I remember with great fondness artist Glen Orbik who sadly passed away way too young. He inspired a generation of artists in Los Angeles. A terrific artist of the highest calibre leaving a huge legacy. I was honored to be on the faculty with him at The Califonia Art Institute for many years. All the teachers looked up to Orbit with great respect. He was much liked.
Artwork By Glen Orbit
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A sample from my High Days and Holidays Collection

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