Monday, July 6, 2015

The Palette Knife Portrait Continues

Fresh back into the studio from my trip abroad I am anxious to get going again with my palette knife portrait work preparing for a show.  They won't all make it. You have to paint a lot of portraits from life to get a few good ones it seems to me. The palette knife is more hit and miss than painting with the regular brush.

This one of Julie is the first one painted from life on my return thinking somewhat of the beautiful J.W. Waterhouse paintings and sketchbooks I was lucky enough to see in the U.K. I tried to keep some areas to almost the bare canvas while working up  other areas much thicker.

Today I start a portrait of a vineyard owner with that palette knife. Come back to see the work in progress?

12 x 9"
Oil on linen panel via palette knife
Johanna Spinks

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