Friday, November 27, 2015

The Perfect Holiday Art Gift

Looking for the perfect art holiday gift Idea? How about Romancing The Himalayas with me?  A once in a lifetime painting workshop like no other. 

The perfect gift for you or your loved one, the artist that loves painting in exotic historical  and colorful locations and eating yummy mostly vegetarian Indian food. Thanks to Indus Experiences for arranging an incredible itinerary and inviting me to do this tour. I am excited for the opportunity, the places we will go and the people we will meet. All levels welcome. All mediums welcome. I will be using both water-based oil and watercolor. Non-painting partners welcome too. 

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A holiday in India is a not just a holiday - it mesmerizes the senses with sights and sounds that become treasured memories for life... sunset at the Taj Mahal as the setting sun turns the Poem to Love a dusky pink; steaming bowls of curry for breakfast on the station at Kalkawaiting for the Toy Train to Shimla......dawn on the Ganges as the mists swirl and the sonorous chants of Priests echo across the waters.
India is also a painter's dream. you will paint in this workshop with Johanna in a way perhaps you have never done before. This exotic locale workshop will focus on quick sketches 'out and about' of the local sights and colorful people and even some interiors of the wonderfully historical places we will be staying. You will return home with a perfect painted record/journal of your trip from which you can then make larger paintings at home.
Delhi • Amritsar • Dharamshala • Paragpur • Shimla • Delhi 

Noma's Diya - Marigold Tealights
By Johanna Spinks
Oil on board via palette knife
Painted from Spinks' last trip to India 2014

An example of the quick sketch you will be doing  in India.
These are all from Johanna's 2014 trip, all 6x8". Oil.