Thursday, January 21, 2016

Little Black Dress? Nah, Red.

It's been a super busy month in the studio working on painting deadlines as you can tell from my lack of posts since January 1st.

I feel like I have been tied to my easel and I don't mind one bit.

I decided to have a little fun today in a life sitting with the lovely Jasmin  thinking about Valentines Day and red dresses. I love red dresses more than just about anything else. Here is my newest one, top, and a few others I have done over the years, maybe some with some white thrown in.

I use a mixed media approach to these drawings combining oil, watercolor, pen and ink. Yes, oil and water do mix after all, all around 18 x 24".

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Valentines if I don't see you before.


By Johanna Spinks
Mixed Media, 18 x 24"
Available for purchase here!illustrations/






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