Friday, April 6, 2018

On Location In Malibu 2018 Show

Delighted that two of my portraits have been accepted into "On Location In Malibu 2018" with The California Art Club at The Weisman Museum of Art,  Pepperdine University. It is one of my very favorite art shows being a local and enjoying the beautiful paintings artists create of this town I am lucky enough to call home.

Show runs May 19 -July 29

The sitters here are Malibu's oldest original cowgal Millie Decker whose family were the among the first to settle in old Malibu. A whole canyon is named after the Decker family. I painted Millie at her ranch and helped set her hair in curlers for the life sitting. She was marvelous.

The other sitter is Malibu's most senior resident 102 years-young Bill Armstrong who sat for me in the living room of the home he has owned for decades. What a view!

They were both painted for "The Face of Malibu" portrait series I painted with The Malibu Times.

Thanks to all.

Mr. Bill Armstrong
By Johanna Spinks

Painting On Location!

Ms. Millie Decker
By Johanna Spinks

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