Monday, September 7, 2009

My Studio in France...Oui, Oui, Oui!!!

It is finally sinking in that I am going to France in a few short days to stay in this beautiful studio cottage, hosted by the city of Dinan, chosen as Artist in Residence by the Musee Yvonee Jean-Haffer and Les Amis De La Grande Vigne. I will get to paint anything I want the whole month of October with the townspeople choosing a painting of mine for the museum's permanent collection at the end in a reception.

My recent house sale and rush escrow 'move' left me with little time to think about the huge adventure ahead. But now the dust has settled on that area of my life, I am getting excited.

I have dusted off my "Behind The Wheel Learning French" CD's, practising my "oooh-la-la's" as I drive around LA looking somewhat mad to the casual observer.

I have ordered my favorite paints from Robert Doak in New York , just taking three colors, extra large tubes, making things as compact as I can.

Tomorrow I will order more lightweight gatorfoam linen panels from Tim at New Tradition Art Panels.  I find the landscape C15 texture works great for both portrait and landscape.

Then I need to buy some long-johns and a thick waterproof coat as I am told it rains there a lot. I also need a painting umbrella, not for sunshine!

Someone also told me to take a mini-printer in case rain stops play for the whole month in terms of not being able to sit out for hours in the pouring rain. 

I have worked out what I want to paint during my month although this could change when I get there. I rather fancy painting the townspeople. "Butcher, Baker Candlestick-maker" kind of thing as my research tells me the town is full of these types of craftspeople along with the newer age gift shops. And it comes as no surprise as a portrait painter that people fascinate me.

 I have had a paragraph translated for me so I can approach people to sit for me in the studio and explain my project and not look too daft. Well, we will see about that.

I have worked out where the Internet access is so I can blog about my travels and email the my girls. 

I have worked out where the laundromat is.

I have located a corkscrew.

All in all, it is sinking in....I am going!!!

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention buying a new house in the process! Suffice to say, doing some marine paintings on my return if all goes ahead. 


Marian Fortunati said...

Oh wow............ I'd be getting sooooooooooooooo excited. In fact I'm excited FOR you!!!
Good that you found the corkscrew... good that you'll be blogging... I really look forward to hearing about your adventures.

You are one lucky and talented paintress!!!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

What an exciting adventure, can't wait to read your blog updates. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you.

Dixie Kee said...

I love the way you share the details of your planning. This sounds so exciting!

hanh nguyen said...

Sounds so exciting! Painting in France and buying a new house! Can wait to hear more.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thanks dear loyal friends for I leave for France I am left wondering is there really a following for my blog??? Should I take time in that internet cafe in that 15th Century town to blog? Or should I just Facebbok. Blogging for me could be done...

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

As someone who loves to read (I am beginning to think most people really don't love it) I vote for the blog.

I write a bunch of blogs, mostly, I suspect, for my own pleasure. I have hope that all this work will one day pay off somehow. Perhaps somewhat akin to painting away, always with a dream of producing my masterpiece, but in the meantime doing the necessary work to get there. My husband would like me to be more mercenary about my creative pursuits, but there it is - it is not about the money or even the recognition but the journey.

Anyhow, I enjoy your ramblings and seeing what you have done recently. Facebook and Twitter are a popularity contest. Blogs are art.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Hi Laurel:

Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I love the last sentiments...very thought provoking!