Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gives us a Kitsch...365 Days of Drawing

This little china kitsch vase given to me 24 years ago in the hospital when my first daughter was born and it made the perfect little tiny teaching demo for a class of teens on a Friday night. Teens love fun stuff.

Unfortunately, the drawing was not photo'd for the challenge as I was busy teaching those teens. But you get the picture. So get off my back and give me a kitsch, now!

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Marian Fortunati said...

Lucky, lucky teens...

Johanna... I think of how you have taken on this challenge... which in a way is a challenge to all of us... although most of us aren't quite so brave and committed..... and I hope you have found that you have benefited from it.

I think you must have benefited in so many ways, it's hard to say which pluses are most important.
I'm sure with time when this year is over, you'll be able to describe all you've gained from it... (although I know it's tough...)

Your admirer....