Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities..Two Mayoral Portraits

Ms. Cheryl Heitmann, Deputy Mayor of Ventura, as featured in The Ventura Breeze, Thanks to publisher Sheldon Brown.

Painting a portrait of a  British Mayor this week and so enjoying it.

Gosh, it's been busy this week. So much to catch up on.
A portrait delivered to a lovely client who I so enjoyed working with from Northern CA.  Another 'Face of Ventura' sitter, or maybe two or three including the charming deputy mayor Ms. Cheryl Heitmann; classes to teach at The California Art Institute and a Spring/Summer semester to plan for at the gracious invite of  The Los Angeles Academy of  Figurative Art,  just voted by American Artist Magazine as one of THE TOP TEN TEACHING SCHOOLS IN AMERICA;  new newspaper editors to meet; new portrait projects to plan for; fresh travel for rather exciting portrait events all around. See tomorrow's post for that!

English bacon butter sandwiches are helping me through this WHIZZ but not my waist line. Oh, well, who cares. This is not the first time I have relied on fried hog. Sorry to all the veggies out there.

Enjoying painting my current portrait of an English mayor. 50" x 40"-ish.  All that red robe gorgeous stuff, fluffy fur, and ancient gold ceremonial necklaces, not to mention the most amazing face. Who can complain? I was charmed by this lovely mayoral lady last September at a lunch in prep. for this portrait. No hog.

Looking forward to attending the ever so elegant National Trust For Scotland Event  Gala April in New York City at The Metropolitan Club where I will have a portrait up for grabs, so to speak.  More to follow on that. This is always such a lovely rewarding evening. 

 MOST excitedly of ALL, I am told my 'Face of Ventura' project will get its'  museum debut at The Ventura County Museum of Art thanks to my dear friends at Food Share late August this year. More on this to follow....

FOOD SHARE feeds 74,000 hungry people  each month in Ventura County. People all over the world visit this blog. Find your local food bank,   DONATE!!!! VOLUNTEER!!!

A Portrait Commission Signed Sealed And Delivered this week

Ms. Kat Merrick,  super cool lady and Founder of TLVC, and a Face of Ventura

  A Face of Ventura sitter not published yet...identity kept secret. ha ha

A Face of Ventura Sitter Not Published Yet

Lovely portrait sitter...portrait accepted.

Painting the fascinating deputy mayor  Ms. Cheryl  Heitmann

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