Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Paint Fabric

"Lazy Saturday"
oil on linen board
$500.00 incl. shipping

This is hot off the easel this week of the lovely Zhanna, a favorite model of mine.

I like  how the fabric turned out. I painted it fast and furious.  I bought this slip for a small fortune knowing I would paint it a lot. It is rather gorgeous I think and begs to be painted more.

A challenge to paint though. I had planned to paint it so much more sheer. But sometimes you just have to lay aside plans, get a big brush out and 'feel it', always remembering to turn the "form". I pushed the values in the dress darker than they appeared and made the most of the fabric "flow" remembering to carve out the body underneath with some dark, crisp notes.  Once I had something I liked, I left well alone.

So basically I have no idea how to paint fabric at all. 

Maybe you do? 


Roseanne said...

HA! You know how to paint fabric beautifully! From the beginning of your journey as an artist one of the things that has always stood out is your magic touch painting fabric, as well as painting skin tones & facial features...You do "Pretty" better than anyone's work I have ever seen!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

HA! Thanks Rosie. I do love painting fabric actually.