Thursday, March 1, 2012

How To Paint Features?

How to paint features? Just paint them well, that's all I can say. Let's face it, a crooked nose out of place, a mouth slightly askew, eyes too close together, will not score you points. Someone WILL notice and you will, well, lose face! Don't pay lip service to anyone who tells you anything different!

My class demo this week at The California Art Institute in Westlake Village, CA. Join me there Wednesday mornings.

Join me at The Los Angeles Figurative Academy of Art  this spring/summer semester Friday mornings, starting April 20th. This school was just voted among the TOP TEN atelier schools in the USA.

Join me for my once a month day-long painting atelier,  "Oil Painting- A Valued Approach" in the beautiful Malibu wine country. The day includes lunch and wine tasting. Email me for details.

Join me at The Vita Art Centre in Ventura, July 12 thru 14th for a painting workshop.

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