Friday, March 30, 2012

How To Paint Hair..

How to paint hair?

 I loved what I got here.  Kinda shimmery versus warm tones, a bit sparkly... and let's not forget a SUPER successful business lady, charming and gorgeous as well, who gave me the honor of sitting before me in my studio for a two hour life sitting which will appear in The Ventura Breeze Newspaper as part of my Face of Ventura series.

I was fascinated by her hair from the get-go...blondish-white-ish,  great shape. Not so easy to get right quickly. And the conversation was divine. I could hardly paint for wanting to stop and chit-chat, this sitter was SO fascinating.

So how did I pull that lovely hair off?

Well, why don't you ask?  It is about time you asked. Post your questions here in the comment section.


Roseanne said...

You do it FABULOUSLY!!! What I love is that she apears to be lit in warm light and you painted in the cool tones with a hint of the warm colors!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks Rosie for being such a great gal.x