Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Paint Kimonos?

Satin Kimono Day
12 x 16
Oil on Archival Board
$500, free shipping

New Purchase Gets Painted

Sometimes my brush seems to take over, and exuberance overcomes us both. I don't mind these moments at all.

I bought this kimono this past weekend at The Cambria Wine and Art Festival Weekend in CA.  Some wine did indeed get drunk in the company of good friends, especially by MOI, but as soon as I saw this kimono, I knew it was mine. I felt like I had hit the art jackpot when I walked with it out of the store.  I was itching to paint it.

Sure enough, I found time this week amid a busy portrait workload to do just that and a lovely model into the bargain. The kimono was also a bargain by the way which makes the whole thing really sweet.

All those flowers on it though? How do you calm them down in paint? Ah, just forget about them. Let the brush do the work. So that's what I did.

Sometimes when I think about things, it all goes South. How about you?

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