Friday, September 26, 2014

Painting Greatness

Well, I start a new portrait today, among a few others I am working on. This is a special one for me and I dare to show my start. Don't call me crazy.

This is a posthumous portrait of Lieut. General Sir Harold Fawcus, 1876-1947, British Red Cross Director and Surgeon General to the King.

He had/has such a fine face, elegance of carriage,  and, goodness, all those medals reflecting his accomplishments. This is going to be quite something to paint. And I wish to do Sir Fawcus proud.

Interestingly enough, Sir Fawcus visited Los Angeles in 1934, my hometown. I can only imagine what he thought of it.

Please come back to see him finished.

What are you challenged and stimulated  by today?

Go take on the day.


The Start....Liet. Gen. Sir Harold Fawcus
By Johanna Spinks

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