Friday, September 19, 2014

Surf's Up! Former Malibu Lifeguard Chief Gets Painted.

Sometimes as a portrait painter who paints from life very regularly, you know you just got lucky. A great man walks in your studio, with a great face, life story and attitude. That would be retired Malibu lifeguard chief Randy DeGregori who has helped save many lives from the ocean.

While we chatted away during Randy's life sitting, my brush seemed to do the work on its' own.

It helps me to talk while I paint from life. My subconscious seems to take over. I learned this from my mentor Mr. Everett Raymond Kinstler, N.A.

Things often aren't perfect in single life sittings of under two hours. You get what you get. But if there is that undeniable 'energy' on the canvas between sitter and artist, recording a moment in time,  then I am happy. Keep the camera away for touch ups.

Randy was painted for my second public portrait project "The Face of Malibu" appearing in The Malibu Times monthly. Sitter 25 has just been painted. It follows on from "The Face of Ventura". Read Randy's life story at the link below.
Randy DeGregori
Former Lifeguard Chief, Malibu
Painted By Johanna Spinks
Face of Malibu Portrait Series


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