Friday, December 5, 2014

Palette Knife Portrait - Blue Orchids

I have long been fascinated by Lisi's hair. She is a great artist and many people admire her work. But her hair is also a work of art in its' own right. She colors it from cobalt blue to fuchsia depending on her mood. The cut is also quite a statement piece.

I had been wanting to paint Lisi for quite a while with a palette knife. I had already done a portrait of her with a brush but that sketch didn't feel quite edgy enough to capture her.

Lisi and I went on a day trip to The Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles to see the annual Orchid Show.  I found myself staring at her hair in the sunlight rather than at the orchids. I decided she was really as beautiful as any orchid on display, although they were amazing too. And if I had to choose between painting an orchid or Lisi and her hair, I knew what the favorite choice would be.

I may still have a little tweaking to do on this yet but I really think I captured that lovely blue hair and its' incredible shape. I like that I was able to keep the area in the light to the bare canvas. Michael Harding's Ultramarine Blue helped me get there. Quiet a delicious paint.

"Blue Orchid - Lisi"
12 x 12"
Oil on linen via palette knife

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Lisi said...

The painting is amazing. Thank you!
You are the sweetest! love you!