Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silent Hero Award Presentation

Meet Michael Chapman. He is top of my list of people I want to be just like.

He is also the recipient of the new Face of Ventura Award, a new 'unsung hero' series running in The Ventura Breeze and graciously sponsored by the ever so lovely Sandra and Jordan Laby. Thank you to both of them for making this happen along with Breeze publisher Sheldon Brown.

Michael is the second citizen to be painted in the series after saving the lives of two people in a blazing car wreck. Please nominate to The Breeze if you know of an unsung hero.

Read Michael's brave story here:

Discovery Ventura also hosted a great presentation lunch for all of us, attended by the two people Michael rescued from the car crash. Thanks!

It was a wonderful warm moment and a pleasure and honor to be part of this new series.

L to R, Jordan Laby, Michael Chapman, Sandra Laby and Johanna Spinks
The portrait of Michael that he was presented with. Single sitting from life.

The Ventura Breeze. Nominate!
Thanks to Discovery Ventura for the lunch.

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