Saturday, November 5, 2016

I'm On The Radio...

They say talk is cheap -  but that can never be said when it comes to Art surely?

I will be appearing on the radio show "Del And Debi, Mind Body and Soul" this coming Tuesday to discuss all things about my portrait world. Also appearing with me will be ArtModelShannon who I painted this week. See photos below.

When I was asked to bring a model I like to paint along with me, who has an interesting story that would be inspiring to others,  well, there is no-one better than ArtModelShannon, a visual artist,  a fine art model AND  a full-time nurse.

Her art message is female body empowerment (among other things) and that is one helluva message for all of us. Pushing the envelope.  Plus she is a really hard working nurse helping others daily in their times of need.

Call in with your questions for us all  this Tuesday at 3.45pm.

323 473 3100

Single sitting
Palette knife/brush combo
By Johanna Spinks

Available for purchase at DailyPaintWorks

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John Simlett said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. All the very best with the radio show