Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Mayor of Malibu Gets Painted.

Honored to recently have painted the current Mayor of Malibu Lou La Monte is a single life sitting  - of exactly one hour and thirty-eight minutes.

Not that speed is a measure of anything, but this Oscar-winning film director/producer is one busy guy. Also charming and contributing a ton to this great beach town. The conversation flowed easily and I like what we captured. So did he.

This sketch is featured in the current edition of The Malibu Times. Lou is my 49th sitter painted for "The Face of Malibu", an ongoing public portrait project of mine, each life sketch and sitter's unique life story featured  kindly in The Times.

Lou is the fourth Mayor of Malibu I have painted for this series from life.

Read Lou's life story here, his thoughts about Malibu, and being painted by moi!

Thank you Lou! What a pleasure it was to meet and paint you.

Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte

At the sitting's end.


John Simlett said...

Oh Lawdy! Johanna - 1 hr 38 min? It would take me that long to make a cup-of-tea and get around to it.

I bet he's very happy with it, congratulaions.

Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks so much John. It's strange. I can't judge them when they are done as it has all been so fast and I've been talking all the way through. 24 hours usually tells me if I nailed the likeness. And then I'll have a cup of tea.