Monday, February 27, 2017

Masters of The American West...

There is a great show on at The Autry Museum right now, Masters of The American West, featuring some of my very favorite painters, Morgan Weistling, Jeremy Lipking, and JoAnn Peralta to name just a very few.

Catch it if you are in town! It is not be missed. Painting at it's finest.

This painting of mine has absolutely nothing to do with the show but I did have a grand time painting this sitter from life in two sittings this month with the headpiece Patrick, the sitter, brought in from his collection. Patrick is of Native American heritage so that was kinda cool to capture.

My experimentation with this large format via palette knife continues. I am happy to announce my "Pink Pussy Hat" portrait, see previous post, will be in a show at the Museum of Ventura County in March. Stay tuned.

"Warrior Spirit"
By Johanna Spinks
Oil on Canvas via Palette Knife
Available for purchase through Saachi Online.
First Sitting

In Situ

The Second and Final Sitting of Three Hours Each


John Simlett said...

Wonderful - so full of life.

I don't think that the American West get's the recognition it deserves in Europe

Watching you leads me to think that getting the eyes right (and the mouth, comes to that) is all important ... the rest follows.

Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you. Yes, John, the eyes I do first, then work out. The eyes are everything to me and it is often all I get done in the first life sitting of these large format paintings.