Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tuneful Songbird Gets Painted.

The lated large format portrait painted from life in two sittings.
Thank you to beautiful songbird Christine Nelson.

The first sitting. Must get the eyes right!

"Retro" By Johanna Spinks
Oil on canvas via palette knife

For sale through Saachi Online


John Simlett said...

These large format portraits are mind-blowingly brilliant. I wouldn't have the courage to paint from life. How large is this one?

You inspired me to try a large portrait (36" x 28") which was risky as I've only painted 18 portraits so far (60 paintings in total: came to painting late in life). I would value your opinion, but try not to laugh :).

Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you John. This one was a real challenge to do from life for some reason. I will take a look at your post and get back to you!