Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pink Hat At The Museum Tonight.

My "The Pink Hat Maker" painting gets installed at the Museum of Ventura County's "A Woman's Place" show, opening today, Sat,. 5.30 pm. featuring mementos and memories from local woman who took part in this historic march. 

Thank you to Museum curator Anna Bermudez and the hard working show installer pictured here. This photo makes me smile.  

As a portrait artist, I paint the world I see around me. This portrait painting is not meant to be a political commentary. 

It was inspired by Racheal, a lady I met on ETSY who was making a ton of these knitted hats. I thought her story intriguing and that's why I painted this. Also, what artist doesn't want to get a chance to play with all that bright pink coloration. It's a dream to paint. This lady also makes a ton of other beautiful hats especially for children. 

Check her store out.

Up on The Wall
At The Museum of Ventura County, Show Opens tonight.
The Pink Hat Maker
By Johanna Spinks
For Sale Thru Saachi
Oil on Linen
via palette knife

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