Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes, You Can Draw With a Brush!

An artist has to be fair to his models, especially if you're their mom.  Equal canvas time (blogtime?)to each so to speak. So here is my other favorite model, my  younger daughter Rosie although she is an old soul and far wiser than me.   You will see her in quite a few of my paintings. 

This was drawn from life as a demo in my portrait teaching class at The California Art Institute on Tuesdays, using black oil paint and guouche, drawn with a bristle brush on Canson paper, a technique I first saw on the streets of Barcelona. Those portrait street artists are amazing and charge so little. Humbling.

On my second trip to Spain years later I determined to spend as much time as it took combing the sidewalks to find an artist who spoke english and would be willing to share the technique. Fuelled by frequent Sangria pit-stops I found my gal. So...YES!
You can draw with a brush!

Hush to all you nay-saying-charcoal pencil purists. Those street guys know their stuff.

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