Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Players' Club Hall of Fame NIght Goes Famously!

Sometimes as artists there are those incredible  'icing on the cake" moments when you want to pinch yourself. Well, here is one of mine,  last weekend at The Players' Club Hall of  Fame unveiling in New York City. 

Mr Everett Raymond Kinstler, N.A. who I have had the huge life-changing privilege of studying with for a few years now, came on stage at one point to introduce the three Players' Club "artist" members, their portraits on display easels, who were being inducted.

There was Mr. Kinstler's amazing portrait of James Montgomery Flagg, left,  that I have admired for many a month,  Mr. Gordon Wetmore's (president of The Portrait Society of America) of John Singer Sargent, right, and sandwiched in between, my portrait of Norman Rockwell.  It was a great moment! 

The wonderful evening included performances by Broadway great Christine Andreas and other talented guests as 27 Players of the past and present were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Eighteen prominent portraitists participated in this painting projected, directed by Mr. Kinstler who is art chair of The Players' Club. No easy task to co-ordinate such a big painting project.

Many of the VERY talented artists (see previous post for names) were present for the swish evening flying in from various parts of the country to enjoy an incredible dinner following cocktails, served in the wood-paneled dining room where Sargent himself often supped.  How wonderful to be in such company!

 In every way. Finger-licking, butter frosting, good.


Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I am unable to come to your class but through this blog, I still can "meet" you again.
Congratulation Johanna! what a moment! Sounds great...
Just to tell you that I came to CAI for uninstructed workshop and have a change to see "Sienna" in real life. It's so beautiful!
Hanh Nguyen

Diane said...

Hello Jessica,
Your work is absolutely remarkable! I work the portrait on the pastel for 3 years and I wish one day to succeed in realizing paintings having the pictorial high quality of yours! I have to work a lot. For it.. Good continuation to you, you deserve your success!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thanks Ladies! Glad you are doing uninstructed anonymous, although I know who you are. And Diane thanks for kind words. I really appreciate such nice ones.