Saturday, May 10, 2008

Edwin Barron, A Gift To The Arts.

What better way to spend this Saturday afternoon than paying tribute with a portrait unveiling and special afternoon honoring a wonderful man, Mr. Edwin Barron, a talented  former professor of drama at Ventura College, who on his passing left his entire estate to Studio Channel Islands Art Centre (SCIART) in Ventura.

SCIART  hosts many artists studios including my own in downtown Oxnard where I have been working for almost a year now, SCIART-WEST. It also boasts magnificent galleries hosting terrific shows.

These days it seems there is so little funding for the arts, especially in public schools, where parents have to pay for private art/music lessons. I certainly had to for my kids in public school and I was appalled by that fact. Where are we without our children being exposed to the arts at a young age? Nowhere.

So I wanted to take a moment to publicly give thanks to Mr. Barron. I hope  he would like the portrait I did of him, 22"x28". I am told I made him look kind. Well, he was. VERY. And many artists, and their shows, will benefit from his kind spirit for a long time.

To read more about Eddy, as he was known, go to the SCIART website.
Pictured top at Eddy's event: LtoR: Gerd Koch, artist, and one of the founders of SCIART, Karin
Beer-Koller ( SCIART president , and Johanna Spinks

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