Saturday, August 1, 2009

Class demos for sale on Ebay

After quite a bit of thought, I have decided to put more of my class DEMOS for sale on Ebay.

Unlike my portrait commissions and gallery pieces, which take MANY weeks to execute, these are super fast studies and VERY affordable, priced deliberately so. 

A chance maybe for people who weren't able to take class from me recently, around a wretched economy, to purchase a study piece that they might find useful. Or students who just liked something I did in class while watching me paint it.

There are also other people out there who might just like 'em and it fits their budget, period! That's nice too.

I should point out, these are not finished pieces, that seems pretty obvious,  but ALL done in a single demo session for students at LAAFA, CAI, or my own private classes and workshops around Los Angeles over the last few years.

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