Tuesday, January 10, 2012

STOP The Presses... How to talk about your art...

Interviews, be it in the newspaper, on radio or TV, always make me a bit HYPER, especially if they are live. Pre-recorded is a wonderful safety net. Pubic art demos too get me a little fired up ahead of time.

This week's interview for KADY TV's "" with interviewer Annie-Gabriel, pictured, was a delight. I love it when interviewers do their research ahead of time and guide you well through the mine-field of live recording. Annie-Gabriel was very upbeat, colorful, welcoming and smiling, and had done her homework with a pre-interview over the phone with me. Her timing through the 15 minutes of uninterrupted air-time was as calm as a cucumber. How did she do that? I couldn't. I was impressed.

The jitters come in because who wants to have a verbal boo-boo? Not me. And you really don't know how it is going to go until that red-light is blaring at you, blinking like a cad. red beacon, almost saying "will she, won't she?..."

Will you be 'on'? Will there be a silent pause? Will you fluff your lines? Have a coughing fit? Embarrass anyone, including yourself? The charming show producer gave me a peppy prep. talk minutes before the interview mentioning something about the timing of things. I just took a deep breath and said to myself, just talk about what you know. That is the very best plan, seems to me.

So here are the few things I have learned so far...but when the"60 Minutes' TV show comes knocking I may need to reconsider:

*Have bullet points prepared. Five things you want to tell people about you and your art.

*Re-read your resume, artist statement, awards, in a clear state of mind shortly before.

*Have a sentence or two prepared for the very beginning of interview.

*No mumbling. Talk very loudly to yourself about an hour before, especially driving on the freeway. Who cares who is watching.

*Remember important names. Your own - and the interviewer - especially. Have a cheat sheet tucked away with those names on them.

*Eat a light, bean-free, meal ahead of time. No grumbling stomach.

*Plan a bathroom break just before hitting the microphone. Live air time is very expensive and it stops for no-one including a bladder break.

*Carry make-up powder, male or female. Shiny foreheads and cheeks make you look nervous.

* Remember to thank the magical people who got you to this point on the journey

* Remember to sell YOUR enthusiasm for art: inspire people who might be on the edge to pick up the brush!

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Marian Fortunati said...

Johanna... I know I have always enjoyed listening to you.... You teach me, you entertain me and you make me laugh.

I KNOW you knocked their socks off..