Friday, May 30, 2014

Phillip De Laszlo - My Portrait Hero

I feel so lucky I get to paint portrait commissions. Each time I do, I look to my favorite portrait painter of all time Phillip de Laszlo. Readers of this blog will have seem quite a few posts about him at this point. He has been very important to my progress and the art spirit keeps on reminding me that he is 'with me'.

For example this post by moi: dazzling-delaszlo

How I wish I could have met him.

Here is the link to everything Phillip De Laszlo

People have recently been asking me a lot how I get the 'transparent' look to my skin tone. What medium I use, etc.

Well, it is after many years of careful study of De Laszlo, that's how. Not that I wish to compare myself for a second to his genius.

This head and shoulder portrait of a 'miracle baby' is for a client on the East Coast. We went with a contemporary interpretation for it. The painting principles are however  deeply steeped in the past, especially with Phillip De Laszlo.

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