Monday, July 6, 2009

Apres Gnat Bite...

Yes, this little girl really did climb into that boat and sit and look at the waterfall in the middle of  howling winds.

What are the chances of that? Catch it while you can - and quickly.

The benefits of a regular life painting discipline meeting the huge challenges of en plein air painting. One has to work quickly and not under the best of circumstances.

This sketch was done amid heavy winds, I had to hold down my sun hat and pochade box to continue, and swarms of gnats which stuck like molasses to my sun-screened arms.

A crowd also gathered to watch in those quiet mountains. There were a lot of distractions one way and another including the amazing mountain waterfall vista which seemed just too magnificent to even contemplate painting.

I was glad for those boats in the foreground. Almost like a still life. I just kept saying to myself "Just put down what you see"....and then you can go for a nice lunch! Which I did..splattered gnats and all. Washed them off with a nice Rose wine.

1 comment:

Marian Fortunati said...

If you ever feel like braving the gnats again somewhere between wherever you land and where I am, I'd love to join you!!
I love swatting gnats... AND painting with you!!