Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Choked up...365 Days of Drawing

I am not worried about getting my drawing in today as I do a portrait demo tonight for a dinner meeting for The Westlake Village Art Guild in CA. I am told to expect about 85 artists watching me do my 'thing'.

Doing my thing publicly requires drawing practice ahead of time! This is my sketch from last night, the lovely Keri, who will be my model tonight. I forgot my rule not to draw the face of the sitter the night before a public demo. Broke it. And remembered why. Not good to choke up on a drawing the night before. Usually best for me to draw the face two days before and do something completely different the night before.

But I feel good to go. Keri and I met yesterday to discuss clothing. And guess what? A beautiful turn of the century choker I purchased in France, arrived via mail yesterday just in time for Keri to wear. All velvet and diamante sparkles. I am all choked up.

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