Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mugshots...365 Days of Drawing...

I decided to dip my art toes into the murky waters of art merchandising. I have seen other artists self-publish books, mugs, note cards, aprons, hats and such.

Well, I am left feeling like a bit of a mug. My little foray produced the most expensive coffee receptacle that the art world has EVER seen and certainly far too expensive for most to buy. Even if it is ever so french pink and completely ADORABLE.

I am also reminded of the words of the very astute marketing guru Seth Godin, that one should only bank on one's new book making money, if the one they just published before was a hit.

So less art merchandising for me and back to doing what I do: last night's portrait painting demo to a full-house for The Westlake Village Art Guild in CA over dinner. About 85 people graciously hosted me and not a single pink mug was put up for sale.

Thanks to WAG and to my lovely pal/sitter Keri in her french-chic chick attire. She is a delight.

This counts as today's drawing for the challenge. Demo was raffled, the winners pictured here with me.

Ever so adorable pink mugs, featuring my painting "The Veil", available if you just can't resist...

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