Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bear Down...365 Days of Drawing

Bear Down...only 130 or so shopping days left until Christmas or should I say drawing days!

Have I crossed the line drawing and painting cute bears? There is a part of me that says yes. My astute daughter's response was:" Well, it is not the best thing you have ever done".

Here 's is yesterday's drawing turned into a painting. The block-in took me quite a while to work out, believe it or not, how high I was going to put that little 'fluffian' on the canvas making sure he was either a third from the top or bottom and not centre. One thing about a DAILY drawing challenge is one really does get to draw IT ALL.

FAITHFUL FRIEND, daily painting
8x6", Oil, $200
For sale through


Shelley Smart said...

Hi, Jo! I actually think the bear is very cute and charmingly painted! So you're not the bear kind? So? It's still nicely done! Sign of a really good artist!!

Kerri Settle said...

Great idea for the composition. I like the slight tilt of his head too, it gives him personality!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thanks Ladies! I think I could have done better on this little maybe more bears in my future...sorry.