Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blocked In? 365 Days of Drawing...

One thing I regret in this daily drawing challenge for 2010 is there is no consistency on my part in terms of subject matter and drawing medium. That was not my original plan for the challenge.

When I look back over my picture file recording it all, I regret it is so "all over the place". However, experimenting with different approaches has left with me new found techniques that I really enjoy. The Bic pen and the white chalk drawings on toned ground are appealing to me. The earlier mixed media on paper I like but don't seems to want to do so much of now.

I was exhausted late afternoon yesterday wondering what's next? What on earth am I going to draw today. I popped in an art video of a guy painting flowers and it suddenly came to me.

Why, I will just start a large floral still life, 22"x28", right now, of some purple and yellow pansies in my garden that I have been admiring for weeks. It wasn't sunny but I set up my landscaping gear in my driveway and got going. I took my time on the drawing and arrangement of tree trunk and flowers. Shown here, is as far as I wanted to take it on the first round. Blocking in the big shapes, against a WHITE ground, unusual for me, hoping to add luminosity to the white and yellow flowers as the painting builds.

Come back later...back to break-dancers today. Dear, oh dear.


Anonymous said...

Johanna...looks like you are off to a good start. can't wait to see the piece finished.

Marian Fortunati said...

This is going to be wonderful... Can't wait to see the steps and the finish!!!

I absolutely LOVE pansies, but strangely don't have any growing in my garden.... Must remedy that... although I think they need to be replaced each year don't they??