Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, white and blue...365 Days of Drawing

Drawing under the influence (DUI?) has never worked for me. I suddenly realized at my second July Fourth party of the day, I had NOT done my drawing for the day and I had most certainly had wine.

I didn't want to delay any further. So with a groan I left the party to do my drawing, returning to see the fireworks afterwards. Now how is that for commitment to a daily drawing challenge?

I did quite a large quick half-hour sketch with the trusty Bic pen. The exuberance of the Independence Day celebrations clearly evident.

I also post a daily painting, now available for sale.

8 x 10" oil on linen


Anonymous said...

Johanna, I so admire your perseverance and commitment. No worries, you are a "functioning artist" even when you DUI. Love the daily painting...and love that you are now a part of Daily Painter Originals too!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

You are certainly a dedicated artist. Two parties and still producing. I would have been sound asleep. Love the portrait. You have captured the expression wonderfully. Thanks for your welcoming comments on my blog!