Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opposing Views?...365 Days of Drawing

Fun to paint two quick-sketch views of the same area. The first is the beautiful vista along a serene walking path through a wooded area our gracious hostess took us too where she walks her lovely pooches daily.

I could have played with said pooches all day but we thought it a perfect spot to paint in. After spending about an hour or so on this view I then turned around and tried to paint the dappled uphill path we had walked down to get to this remote, beautiful, location.

The second view gave me trouble and didn't work out. I was getting really hot and bothered too by this point in quite extreme heat. But I am sure glad I had a go. The front view I liked. I will do this exercise again.

My astute daughter shared yesterday with me she doesn't think showing quick-sketch stuff so freely is wise. To her eye, it doesn't reflect the level she says I am able to paint at when things are more considered and worked out artistically. I thought this most interesting.

My opposing view is the artist's process, including quick-sketch, is interesting in itself and reflects one's thoughts and discipline as an artist. The end result is not the point.

You artist readers out there...any thoughts on this?


Rose Welty said...

I have been wondering this myself. I have had both reactions from non-artist readers. Some like to see the process. Some only want to see the best you can do. I suppose it depends a bit on what they want from viewing your art?

On the other side then, I suppose it matters how you want to present yourself. Making the decision to only show finished paintings means that either your frequency of posting has to decline or you have to produce finished paintings rapidly.

I think the frequency point has swung me to posting sketches, at least for now. Anxious to hear what others have to say

Dusty Pines said...

absolutely show the sketches! it's wonderful (and several of my non-artist friends have said this too!) to see the process, the origins, the moment a painting takes life! and frankly, your sketchs are superb in & of themselves! & you never know how people perceive things - i've read your post twice & am still thinking, surely that lovely, colorful, lively second painting couldn't be the one that "didn't work out" - cause it sure works for me!

Shelley Smart said...

Hi, Johanna! I like to see the process! I love your more finished works, too, of course, but to me, it is a more "accurate" and perhaps "honest" portrayal of the work and art/creativity of an artist to see the ideas taking form, the beginning sketch, the importance of the composition, the colors developing, etc.

But I agree with the former comment about you choosing what you want to show. And, this is a DAILY challenge so I don't suppose you would be able to post a beautifully finished painting each and every day! But maybe just one great sketch? Or some such solution!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Dusty,,,yes, indeed, that was the one that didn't work out it seems.

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful feedback. I am still chewing over it all.

Marian Fortunati said...

I'm totally voting with Dusty... both on the showing sketches and with the... huh???? Is she saying the second one that is posted here didn't work out???????? --because I really like it...

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

No, Marian. It was I who said it didn't work. Quite a few people seemed to like that one too. Go figure. Guess I won't trash it.