Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paralysis By Analysis...365 Days of Drawing

My enthusiasm returned for the daily drawing challenge yesterday-phew. A good drawing that I was happy with, which I painted today for a few hours.

I feel I have shared very openly in this 2010 challenge posting stuff that are 'works in progress', my studio process and art thinking that week. Daringly so sometimes when things didn't look so good. I feel the need this week to point out, after a little thing 'tweaked' me, that not only are my paintings copyrighted images but also MY drawings too.

The internet is a crazy place around all this stuff. I don't think Rembrandt had this problem or Vermeer, do you? Not that I am them but something to be said about creating quietly in your studio...outside of the world of FACEBOOK and BLOGland.

Someone should do some research on what effect all this 'ever-so-public' showing of art is going to have ultimately. Will we be as original as before FB etc.? Or will seeing everyone's else's marvelous work online, on blogs etc., (and it sure is marvelous what is going on out there daily) stifle that? INTIMIDATE one. Paralysis by analysis. Just thinking aloud...that's all.


Shelley Smart said...

I feel a wee bit intimidated by the beautiful art, and also by the full-on, go go go. Paint, paint, paint!

BTW, I love this portrait! And the drawing had its own wonderful charm!

Gwen Bell said...

This is so gorgeous, Johanna! Love the angle, her porcelain skin against the dark hair, the swirl of the hat brim. Fabulous!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

thank you does sometimes feel a bit go go go with this challenge. But with this one I stopped and felt the art roses.

Becky Joy said...

Such a beautiful, peaceful drawing and painting. I can see why you were enthused by this one.