Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Festive Baubles...365 Days of Drawing

Who can resist a Christmas bauble? Certainly not me and my drawing challenge needed one to remind me I am almost at the end.

I thought maybe the drawing on this trinket was too easy, although I worked for a while building up the glow, so I also did a figure quick sketch from Andrew Loomis' Creative Illustration book to flex the 'eye to hand' drawing muscle a little more for the day. I chose not to post this. I think my bauble quite enough for one day's excitement and viewing pleasure.

The bauble is the size of your hand, and a combo of charcoal, oil, watercolor, and gouache on paper, a mixed media technique I used a lot in the early part of the challenge, leaving it around April.

12 x 20, mixed media on paper


mary maxam said...

clean and beautiful on it's own. it's just lovely!

Kim Blair said...

Love the warmth and sparkle in this piece.