Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OVER IT...365 Days of Drawing

I am not going to lie..I am ready for this daily drawing challenge to be done. I am so over it. I post an assortment of drawing done over the last couple of days to meet it. Nothing particularly inspired.

Home remodeling going on, relatives coming home for Thanksgiving to prep. for, and regular studio life, busy. On top of that I am teaching today and I have a two-day headache. Get the picture?

In this assortment, there are a couple of Loomis copies, a copy of a Morgan Weistling head from his excellent DVD "Painting For The Impatient"( I learn a ton from studying Morgan's way...get his DVD's fast!), a still life demo block-in from my teaching class, and yesterday's drawing of some hot red.


Kim said...

When are you done Johanna? It is a huge commitment and your work has been inspiring! I wish you a speedy recovery from your epic headache and a house full of elves to prep everything for Thanksgiving ; )

Mary Aslin said...

Your work is wonderful and I've religiously read and enjoyed every single post. You are truly an amazing person the way you juggle everything so well.

Happy Thanksgiving! I raise my glass to you for a great job with the daily challenge and for the great work.


Catherine Jeffrey said...

I liked your comment in the previous post about having a life. I was thinking today that I can either do art, or have a life. It seems impossible to do both, what with family, houses, etc. etc. I guess there is a reason for the profile of an artist hiding in his garret alone, going insane and doing his art!
Have you thought of completing the drawing a day exercise with the alphabet? Start with A and do anything. It may get you through. This woman in the red outfit is awesome, and I loved the prism.

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Hi Johanna,

Bravo to you for your perseverance! Do you have a juicer? I find a glass of whatever you have that is green (this morning I had dill, dinosaur kale, celery, parsley and a little cabbage) plus some lemon, carrot for sweetness and garlic cures pretty much anything. Anyhow, hope you feel better soon and all the best, Laurel

David Magallanes said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Johanna. I hope it's restful for you. I, too, have enjoyed watching your work go up over the past few days. When we get together, I'll show you a pencil sketch that my mother, may she rest in peace, did when she was a teenager. I think you'll like it.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Wonderful work with us
Good creations

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Thank you, thank you everyone for such amazing words. Really.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Catherine, finding the balance is a real challenge. Silly as it sounds, I had my first real manicure after 14 years of horrible art hands. It feels SO good. Wearing gloves however does not.

One has to be careful of that garret thing. If yu are not sometimes out and about, you are not observing life. therefore can not comment on it in your work. Stale.