Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veiled OCD?...365 Days of Drawing

I was expecting to get lazy at this point in the year's drawing challenge. Cut corners, slack off a little bit. No-one would really notice and I have proved I can draw everyday.

However, today's effort told me I have a veiled case of OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder.

I basically drew all day even tho' I had other painting I needed to get done in the studio.

I simply HAD to go back in and make corrections on the wretched, by now four sitting, drawing, of the Polynesian girl cast. It will go down as one of my least favorite drawings of the year in terms of effort - and result.

Then I started a new cast drawing of girl in veil which no matter how hard I tried I could not pull off. VERY subtle shapes and values. I may now abandon it but something in me is stubborn and wants to kick its' drawing a..s.

After a short break on the wretched veil I started teaching my teen class late afternoon and did a drawing set-up demo of a still life, kind of a Toystory. The drawing came easy. No wonder, I had been drawing by now ALL day.

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